Revolutionizing the way we monitor our water



At UltraSense, we are developing innovative and proprietary graphene based technology to monitor our waters like never before. We produce low cost, accurate, and precise sensors that continuously monitor our waters on-site and in real-time. We hold ourselves to the highest standards with the sensors we offer. Our highly talented team is dedicated to offering diverse, specialized, and tailored sensors to meet our client’s needs.



Our sensors are capable of continuously measuring data on-site and in real-time, compared to the hours and days for taking sample back to labs.


20x more precise

Our sensors are more than twenty times more precise than anything on the market. They are capable of detecting the smallest concentrations of contamination in our waters.


Fraction of the cost

We take of take advantage of the low cost material as well as existing semiconductor manufacturing processes to produce inexpensive sensors.


the wonder material

Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms that has unique electrical and mechanical properties. Its discovery led to the Nobel Prize in 2010. We combine graphene with innovative 2D engineering to detect chemicals in our waters.

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